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Zone Meals to You.. a personal chef service serving low carb meals


a personal chef service offering low carbohydrate meals

zone meals to you delivers freshly prepared meals to your home daily We deliver all of your zone favorable meals (3 meals and two snacks) by 6:30 am daily for $50 a day plus taxes

If you live in a private home, the meals are placed at your doorstep. If you live in a doorman building, it is left with him or her. And. And, if you do not have a doorman, we will obtain a building entrance key from you and the cooler bag is then left in front of your door. So, when you wake up in the morning, you can enjoy having all of your favorable meals sitting right at your doorstep, freshly prepared, ready for your day.
Our gourmet food comes in a sleek insulated vinyl cooler bag. It is ice-packed, air-sealed and arrives daily with your Zone favorable meals. 3 delicious meals and 2 hearty snacks are placed in heavy duty plastic containers that are microwavable and disposable.

Heating instructions are as follows: 1 to 3 minutes in the microwave on high, or 5 minutes on (350º) to reheat in the oven, placed on an oven safe plate. Lunches are always cold, because some people might not have microwaves or ovens in their work environment

At the end of your day, leave the ice packs and bags with your doorman or in front of your door for exchange for your next food meals to you delivery is available 5,or 6 days a week. Calling our customer service line allows you to pause and resume your delivery at any time.

zone meals to you offers a convenient, dependable and affordable way to stay in THE ZONE!!

Serving Vancouver, British Columbia and other areas in the Lower Mainland.

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